Strategies for Stronger Nonprofits

The Impact Foundry has been providing comprehensive services and support to nonprofit organizations in the Sacramento region since 1989. If you are part of a nonprofit organization – or as we like to call ‘em – a social profit – you save and change lives. We’re here to make sure you can.


Nonprofit Sector

If you represent a nonprofit – aka social profit – we are your professional resource center and a champion of your mission. Access our free services, become a member, attend our events and training sessions, and ask for help because we’re here to provide it.

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If you represent the government sector, contract with us for assistance in your sponsorships, grantmaking and contracting with the nonprofit sector; and consider our training programs for your staff development needs.

Collaborate With Us
Government Sector


Business Sector

If you represent the business sector, underwrite our programs that build capacity for your community partners; and hire us to train your team members to serve on nonprofit Boards and be effective ambassadors of your company values.

Partner With Us


If you are a philanthropist, please invest in our systems approach to strengthening the social sector. Let’s partner to ensure a strong return on your investment in nonprofit organizations and causes.

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Our Mission & Vision

What We Believe

It takes all four sectors working together to create sustainable community change: Business, Government, Philanthropy, and Nonprofits.

Our Name

We take a foundry approach by bringing the four sectors together, resulting in greater community impact. Don’t you like it? Impact Foundry

Our Vision

The nonprofit sector is fully funded and supported for mission success and impact; and the people working in nonprofits are respected with competitive compensation and fulfilling career opportunities.

Our Mission

Impact Foundry contributes to an effective and equitable social sector by providing best-practice training and technical assistance, and by bringing the four sectors of business, government, philanthropy and nonprofits together for meaningful collaboration.