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Top 10 Ways to Get Investigated by a State Regulator

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Nonprofit board members need to understand the regulatory environment in which their organizations operate. State attorneys general have the power to bring a nonprofit to justice if it is not in compliance with state laws. How can you avoid these top ten legal risks? BoardSource has compiled this resource to help you do just that.

Download your free copy of Top 10 Ways to Get Investigated by a State Regulator which outlines the top ten legal risks for nonprofit board members.   It includes links to additional resources available on the BoardSource website — some are free community resources; others are restricted to BoardSource members or must be purchased.

Taking Action on Board Diversity

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Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices published by BoardSource reveals some troubling information about the diversity of today’s nonprofit boards. We’re making little progress in diversifying our boards, are dissatisfied with our board diversity, but are doing little to prioritize it in our board recruitment practices. In an effort to spark action, they present five questions for your board to contemplate.

Five Questions to Get You Started

Board Meetings: Agendas, Minutes, and Other Considerations

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One of the most effective ways to accomplish productive meetings — and strong governance — is to carefully design an agenda and then closely facilitate to that agenda.  At All About Boardsyou’ll find valuable information and samples of agendas, minutes, consent agendas, meeting management and parliamentary procedure.

Unproductive meetings are frustrating time wasters.  A good meeting starts with a smart agenda.  Find tips and a template for a smart agenda here.

Follow this link to an excellent article on board meeting minutes on the Nonprofit Law Blog.

Learn 10 quick ways to invigorate your board meetings from Board Cafe.

Can your board vote by email?  Here’s the scoop from the Nonprofit Law blog.

Tips for How to Have a Board Meeting By Telephone from Blue Avocado.

Resources to Help Build a Better Board

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Comprehensive resources for both those new to boards and those wanting to improve their boards

All About Boards offers tools, advice and counsel on all aspects of building and sustaining an effective board.   Includes sample bylaws, board job descriptions and evaluation formats.  If you are creating a new board, or trying to revitalize an existing board you will find useful resources here.

Board Cafe, a regular feature in the eNewsletter Blue Avocado, offers bite size morsels of practical information.  Sign up and stay informed.

Board Cafe Archives With over 90 great issues in the archive, the Board Café answers the most frequently asked questions about nonprofit Board Governance.

BoardSource A national organization that provides publications, individualized consulting and training services to nonprofit boards.

Governance and Related Topics – 501(c)(3) Organizations. Advice from the IRS.

The Board and the Executive Director

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Evaluating, preparing for transition, setting compensation, understanding board vs ED roles

EVALUATING THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  “Evaluating the Executive Director,” Blue Avocado; “Executive Director Evaluation Survey Form,” Blue Avocado; “Conducting Executive Director Performance Evaluations,” Minnesota Council of Nonprofits; “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 360 Degree Evaluations,” The Nonprofit Quarterly.

EXECUTIVE TRANSITIONS Succession Planning for Nonprofits of All Sizes provides a quick overview from Blue Avacado.  The Executive Transition series, a set of 6 free booklets from the  Annie E. Casey Foundation Knowledge Center, covers all aspects of leadership change in a nonprofit organization.

EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION The National Council of Nonprofits tells you why you need a written policy for compensating your executive director, and offers sample policies and other resources.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND BOARD ROLES  Who’s the boss? The board or the executive?  The answer: it depends. Read more.

Evaluating the Board

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Tools for self assessment

Board self-assessment aims to help a board do its job better by improving members’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities.  Using these self assessment tools can help your board become a stronger team, improve their problem solving skills and increase their accountability.   Tailor these samples to your organization’s needs.

Board of Directors Self-Evaluation
This table can be used by all board members and the chief executive to get an impression of how well the board is doing.

Checklist to Evaluate a Nonprofit Board of Directors
The following checklist is a resource developed by staff and volunteers of the United Way of Minneapolis Area for internal use by nonprofit organizations.

The National Council of Nonprofits offers these self-assessment tools.

Board Self-Assessment BoardSource Online tool

Recruiting Board Members

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Guidelines, tips and tools

BoardSource’s Board Recruitment Center has a Recruit Board Members section for nonprofit staff and board members where you can find some tips and tools on how to find the board members you need to succeed.   It also includes a section for individuals called Serve on a Nonprofit Board with an introduction and a 4 step learning experience to help potential board members find the right opportunity for them.

Blue Ribbon Nominating Committee for Your Board from Blue Avocado outlines a practical process for recruiting new board members.

This article on designing a board recruitment process from Create the Future will help you Developing a Board Recruitment Plan.

Finding the Right Board Members for your Nonprofit from the National Council of Nonprofits provides a thoughtful overview.

How can I find board members for my nonprofit? offers practical answers to this perennial question.

Recruiting and Vetting Nonprofit Board Members  provides thoughtful information from Bridgespan Group.

A contrarian view from Blue Avacado, Ditch Your Board Composition Matrix

Don’t erode your goals and believe that you are lucky to get anyone at all.  Carter McNamera offers these guidelines for finding great board members.

LinkedIn Board Connect is a board member recruiting program that enables nonprofits to easily tap into LinkedIn’s 175+ million strong network of professionals.

Board Member Connect is a nonprofit board recruiting firm that offers two levels of service — basic candidate identification and a premium, more advanced board-matching service — both of which are deeply discounted for BoardSource organizational members.