The 2019 Grantseeking Report

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This document, The 2019 State of Grantseeking™ Report, is the result of the 17th informal survey of organizations conducted by GrantStation to help illustrate the current state of grantseeking. The primary objectives of the State of Grantseeking Report are to help you both understand the recent trends in grantseeking and identify benchmarks to help you measure your own success in the field. As a leader in the nonprofit sector, part of your job is to know about the latest trends and to apply lessons learned by others to the strategic development of your organization.


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Nonprofit Research Collaborative

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Fundraising is always a challenge and the Nonprofit Research Collaborative aims to help nonprofits meet that challenge with data.   The Collaborative’s five members include: The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Philanthropic Counsel, CFRE International, Giving USA, and National Association of Charitable Gift Planners.  Together, they study charitable fundraising at nonprofit organizations and the factors that drive success and growth so nonprofits can make the best fundraising choices.

Fundraising Effectiveness Project

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Fundraising Effectiveness Project

The goal of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) is to help nonprofit organizations increase giving at a faster pace. FEP pursues this goal by providing nonprofits with tools for tracking and evaluating their annual growth in giving. Growth in giving is the net of gains in giving minus losses in giving. Nonprofits raise more money by investing more money in growth-oriented fundraising strategies that both increase gains and reduce losses. The FEP is focused on “effectiveness” (maximizing growth in giving) rather than “efficiency” (minimizing costs). FEP conducts an annual survey, provides useful growth in giving performance measurement tools and publishes gain(loss) statistics in a yearly report through a partnership between AFP, The Urban Institute and participating donor software firms. The FEP resources support growth-oriented fundraising programs.

Ethical Fundraising

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In the for-profit world, people are hired on commission all the time.  In other words, they are paid a percentage of what they bring in.  In the nonprofit world, this is considered unethical.   These resources explain why.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) exists to foster the development and growth of fundraising professionals and the profession, to promote high ethical behavior in the fundraising profession and to preserve and enhance philanthropy and volunteerism.  Read their Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.

In his article Motivation: Mission or Money?  Author Walter Sczudlo explains how percentage-based compensation can encourage abuses, jeopardize the public’s trust and undermine the philanthropic values at the heart of the nonprofit sector.

These Blue Avocado articles In Search of Unicorns: Finding & Hiring Grantwriters, Part 1 & 2 offer excellent insight and advice on what you need to do to successfully and ethically work with a grantwriter.

State Charitable Solicitation Statutes

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Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia have charitable solicitation statutes that generally require nonprofits soliciting contributions and, in most cases, their for-profit fundraising professionals to register prior to soliciting contributions or providing fundraising counsel services. It is critical for nonprofits and their fundraising professionals to know about, and be in compliance with, these statutes to avoid significant fines and penalties.

The Unified Registration Statement (URS) represents an effort to consolidate the information and data requirements of all states that require registration of nonprofit organizations performing charitable solicitations within their jurisdictions. The effort is organized by the National Association of State Charities Officials and the National Association of Attorneys General, and is one part of the Standardized Reporting Project, whose aim is to standardize, simplify, and economize compliance under the states’ solicitation laws.

National Council of Nonprofits has compiled this guide to Charitable Solicitation Registration.

Capital Campaigns

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Capital campaigns are generally considered to be fundraising efforts for major capital purposes, usually to the tune of millions of dollars and, on occasion, a billion dollars or more.

This capital campaign website is dedicated to the discussion of capital campaign fundraising for nonprofit organizations.  It includes sample materials, training guides and articles all related to managing a successful capital campaign.