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What You Need to Know About Nonprofit Executive Compensation

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This report outlines what the IRS permits in setting nonprofit executive compensation, the consequences of failing to comply with the regulations, how nonprofit board members can protect themselves and the organizations they serve, the kind of data compensation decisions should be based on, and the importance of reporting compensation accurately in annual IRS filing.

Nonprofit Job Description Samples

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Whether you’re seeking a senior position in a nonprofit, recruiting for new nonprofit leaders, or exploring the responsibilities of key nonprofit positions, the examples shared here can help inform your efforts and research. These adapted versions of selected job descriptions created by the Bridgespan Executive Search team for clients span the following functional areas: finance, fundraising/development, program management, operations, marketing/communications, and general management. They represent just some of the many ways organizations configure their senior management roles and write their job descriptions.

Executive Transitions

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Succession Planning for Nonprofits of All Sizes   A quick overview from Blue Avacado

Executive Transition Monographs.  The set of 6 booklets described below covers all aspects of leadership change in a nonprofit organization.  All can be found at the Annie E. Casey Foundation Knowledge Center

Building Leaderful Organizations: Succession Planning for Nonprofits
This publication presents emergency succession planning tools (an important “risk management” practice). It offers executive directors guidance on when and how to leave an organization, and includes suggestions for boards to assure the sustainability of their organizations.

Capturing the Power of Leadership Change: Using Executive Transition Management to Strengthen Organizational Capacity
This report highlights the challenges associated with executive transitions and describes the model of executive management transition that has been used in the last decade. It also details opportunities for funders to further develop and implement strategies to better cope with executive management transitions.

Founder Transitions: Creating Good Endings and New Beginnings: A Guide for Executive Directors and Boards
This guide examines the unique challenges presented by transitions involving founders or long-term executives. It provides clear advice for executives and their boards in confronting the complex issues these transitions present.

Interim Executive Directors: The Power in the Middle
This paper explores the benefits and basics of using an interim executive director during a leadership transition. It also highlights some considerations that organizations should take into account when deciding whether or not to use an interim executive director.

Stepping Up, Staying Engaged: Succession Planning and Executive Transition Management for Nonprofit Boards of Directors
This publication focuses particularly on board leaders. It provides a set of practical perspectives, hands-on tools, brief case studies, and useful resources to help board chairs, officers, and members take a proactive approach to preparing their organizations for a transition.

Transitioning from a From Profit to Nonprofit Career

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Tools and tips for those considering a move to the nonprofit sector.

Eight excellent rules for people considering switching from employment in the for-profit world to working for a nonprofit.

The Bridgespan Group offers these resources to those who wish to transition from a for-profit to a nonprofit career. You will find tools, resources, and helpful articles to help you through the transition.

All About Human Resources and Talent Management Free Management Library

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All organizations have people — they have human resources. Regardless of the size of an organization or the extent of its resources, the organization survives — and thrives — because of the capabilities and performance of its people. The activities to maximize those capabilities and that performance are necessary regardless of whether the organization refers to them as Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development or Human Resources — or has no formal name for those activities at all.

You will find information on all aspects of human resources and talent management here.

Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit

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Hiring decisions are challenging, and engaging in a thorough process requires time and energy. In addition, every hiring decision contains an element of risk and ultimately requires a leap of faith. No matter how well you know your final candidate, it’s impossible to be 100 percent certain how he or she will perform in the new role. However, executing a disciplined, rigorous search process like the one outlined in this tool kit will help to mitigate the risks. Based on The Bridgespan Group’s Executive Search team’s years of recruiting experience (both for-profit and nonprofit), the Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit explores eight steps to the hiring process that, when done well, can lead your organization to making a great hiring decision.