Donation Ghandi

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Donation Gandhi was created by several volunteers during Hack for Change Nashville, June 1-2, 2013.

Their free, detailed tutorial pages should take you from nothing to a fully-functional online giving website with little technical expertise required. Costs are kept as low as possible, so you only have to pay for your hosting provider and PCI-compliant donation service.

Their goal is to give nonprofits the ability to be the change they wish to see in the world.


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Aspiration helps nonprofits and foundations use software tools more effectively and sustainably. They serve as ally, coach, strategist, mentor and facilitator to those trying to make more impactful use of information technology in their social change efforts.

Investing in Computers? 7 Questions to Consider

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Buying a computer is a big investment, so you want to get it right. This TechSoup guide will help you understand what to look for when investing in computers for your nonprofit or library. Buying a computer is a big investment. And with so many different options available, it can be hard to figure out how to meet the technical needs of your nonprofit and still stay within your budget.

This guide will help you understand the questions to ask when shopping for a computer. It will also provide a quick reference checklist with definitions of some basic technology terms (not too many!), as well as the minimum standards TechSoup recommend for computers.

The Landscape of Salesforce for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Apps (2015 Update)

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Salesforce CRM has the potential to be a powerful tool for nonprofits. But is it right for your organization? How can you transform it into the engine that powers your fundraising and constituent engagement? How can you make it work for you?

With more than 2,800 apps listed on the Salesforce exchange, it’s not easy for nonprofits to know which are right for them. Idealware worked with more than a dozen experts on this update to their popular publication, The Landscape of Salesforce for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Apps. Download a free copy here.

Moving Your IT Infrastructure Into the Cloud

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This free report from Idealware looks at Cloud-based solutions for online backup and file storage, and Cloud-based office and productivity suites. 10 consultants and nonprofit professionals share their expertise and experience selecting and using hosted solutions in an effort to explore what is currently available and practical for nonprofits large and small.  The report also offers five case studies of real-world nonprofits like yours using Cloud solutions to explore their decision-making processes and the lessons they’ve learned.  Download your free copy here.

A Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems

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Idealware’s 2017 edition of A Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems is targeted at small-to-medium-sized nonprofits. It  looks widely at 32 systems that cost under $6,000 to support one user and fewer than 1,000 records for the first year. As in past editions, the guide includes a resource directory to help you put the one you choose to work for you. (Updated May, 2017)

Download a free copy of this valuable report.

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Software Advice helps nonprofits choose the right nonprofit management software so they can plan fundraising events and centralize donor contact data.

They offer a free Buyer’s Guide and also a live person to talk with who can help you make the best selection.

Software Advice is a directory that offers detailed reviews, research, and comparisons to help nonprofit organizations select the right software. The company’s panel of software analysts offers free telephone consultations to help buyers select the most suitable systems for their needs. This process links software buyers and sellers, and generates promising opportunities for software vendors.

Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook

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More than half of the organizations surveyed in a 2016 report said that they had experienced a data breach caused by an employee. Most of those breaches were not caused by maliciousness, however, but by carelessness. Staff members often don’t know when they’re taking risks.

Does your organization have written policies in place to protect against such risks?

The Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook will help you document and implement the policies you need. By documenting them, sharing them widely, training users to understand them, and enforcing them consistently, your nonprofit can significantly reduce the risks and ensure that everyone is clear on what’s expected.

This workbook will help you think through specific policies to manage your nonprofit’s risk. Thanks to sponsors Tech Impact, Community IT, and WizeHive, this workbook is free.