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March 19, 2020

To Our Nonprofit Partners:

Team Giving is here to support you and we are aware of the challenges and urgency to keep our regional nonprofits strong so you can continue to care for our community members.  We are fine-tuning how we can best help you and continue our tradition of supporting and advocating for the nonprofit community.

I’ll keep this brief, I know a lot of you have received many, many emails in the last few days.  We wanted you to know that:

  • Team Giving is committed to serving and assisting our nonprofit partners as best we can.
  • If you have volunteer opportunities, either live or virtual, please let us know ASAP and we will post the opportunity on our website and connect you with volunteers that contact us to help.
  • We want to think outside of the box with you, which can be a very good way to cope through challenging times.  If you have a bright idea or a solution that will solve a problem and maintain our social distancing/shelter-in-place mandates, please share! Nonprofits are the BEST resource for each other, we would love to help spread good news and viable “work-arounds” that will care for our community.
  • Above all, take care of yourself and your family, your staff and those you serve. You are very important to everyone around you, treat yourself as such!

Remember that we will persevere, we are strong, we are committed and we ARE compassion in action.

We are thinking of you; our hearts and prayers are with you.

Trudy Harris & staff

Team Giving