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$1 Million in Grants Available to Area Nonprofits

The County Board of Supervisors will provide $1 million through the 2019 TOT Grant Program to support nonprofit organizations located in Sacramento County that carry out community-based programs and/or services in the areas of economic and workforce development, arts and culture, community development, or health and human services.  The County began setting aside funding for this purpose in 2017.
Grants will be allocated through a competitive process and applicants must meet eligibility and funding requirements. Applications will be accepted online beginning July 26 through the County’s Office of Economic Development with a deadline of August 26, 2019.   

Golden 1 Gives Back

A teenager learns the joy of writing which leads to better grades and admission to college. A 6- year-old visits Golden 1 Center for the first time and squeals in delight as Moana skates on to the ice. A former foster youth living on the streets finds a safe place to sleep and receive counseling services. These are just a few of the stories that drive Golden 1 Credit Union’s commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. Golden 1 was founded in 1933 in Sacramento as a not- for-profit financial cooperative. Throughout our history, the spirit of cooperation and our guiding philosophy of people helping people have been integral to the credit union industry and Golden 1’s success.

We pride ourselves on being part of the fabric of our communities. Whether we are helping kids open their first savings accounts or newly retired couples plan for their golden years, we ensure our members can live their best financial lives. We have grown exponentially since the early days. We now serve more than one million members at 72 branches throughout California. As we have grown, our commitment to our members has not wavered, but our approach to giving has evolved. We believe that philanthropy is a natural extension of our vision to enhance the financial well-being of Californians and their diverse communities. When our communities thrive, so do our members.

What IF Feature: Tyra Jarvis

Tyra Jarvis was one of our speakers at the What If Conference earlier this year. She is a life reinvention mentor, leadership coach, and avid golfer. As founder and president of Kefi Coaching LLC, she works with leaders from all sectors facing career and life transitions. Whatever their challenge, she makes a difference for her clients by helping them get focused, motivated, and moving forward. Her specialties include leadership development, business and executive coaching, and career/life transition.
A proven leader with demonstrated professional experience built upon a 30-plus-year career in the “hyper-competitive” telecommunications industry planning and implementing enterprise-wide technology and business projects, and 10+ years as a volunteer leader. She currently serves on the Boards of Stand Up Placer, supporting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, and the Sacramento Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, supporting women to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life. Tyra is also a co-author of “Teeing Up for Success,” a compilation of insightful and inspirational stories from extraordinary women on how they have used golf to achieve their goals.
She is a trained member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior and environment from California State University, Sacramento and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.  We are pleased to announce that Tyra is now a member of our faculty.
To create a supportive community for Executive Directors, Tyra is offering ED Impact – a 3-month transformation group mentorship and mastermind program for Executive Directors, June 5th – August 27th. This exclusive opportunity is designed to help Executive Directors get clarity to focus on what is most important and the next right actions to take now to move their cause and life forward. If you are interested in having more freedom, fulfillment and fun, along with more significant influence and impact navigating your mission drive organization, check it out!

The Cheeseburger Talk: Non-Profit Edition

One of the most important meetings in the life of a project should happen at the project’s inception.  I call it the “Cheeseburger Talk”.  This essay describes the purpose and process of the cheeseburger talk so that you can consider the trade-offs between your cholesterol levels and project orientation and definition on your project.

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Attract and Retain the Employees Your Organization Needs in 2019 and Beyond:

Time to Order Your Copy of “Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey” Report

The 2019 survey report was published on April 12th by Oakland-based Nonprofit Compensation Associates (NCA).

With 614 participating nonprofits, reporting on over 33,000 employees, the 2019 survey is the largest and most robust in its 41-year history. 2019 is also the seventh year in a row the survey broke its participant record!

80% of the 2019 survey’s participants expect hiring challenges in the year ahead and they foresee increased competition from other employers to attract and retain qualified employees.

Your organization will need the wealth of information produced by the 2019 survey to compete effectively on this ever-changing playing field, including invaluable information about compensation, base pay, employee benefits, salary increases, personnel policies, as well as data that larger nonprofits can use to justify to the IRS the compensation they pay their executive employees.

The survey serves nonprofit organizations in all 48 Northern California counties, a vast geographic area from Del Norte County in the far northwest to Inyo County in the far southeast. And NCA makes special efforts to serve both larger and smaller nonprofit organizations, as well as those from both urban/suburban and rural counties. To see how they do it, visit:

To find out how your organization can acquire this must-have resource, click on, or contact NCA at [email protected] or (510) 645-1005.

[Infographic] Five Marketing Strategies That Support Your Nonprofit

Are you struggling to get the word out about your nonprofit organization? Even the most deserving of nonprofits have difficulty capturing the attention of consumers. By following a few selected marketing strategies, you can boost your bottom line and keep your nonprofit running. Make the most out of your available funds with targeted nonprofit marketing strategies.

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MOTW: Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative

The location of the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC) is easy to mistake. From 1938 to 2012 the building was the Fruitridge Elementary School. Nestled in the Promise Zone of Oak Park, the building still has the distinctive remnants of a school; a playground, classrooms, and a gymnasium.

What’s not hard to mistake is the impact FRCC is making in the community.

22 nonprofits are located in the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative. FRCC is an umbrella organization that oversees and assists with the growth and support of 22 nonprofit partners. These nonprofits share the building, resources, and insights while providing wrap-around services to the community.

Impact Foundry is featuring members who demonstrate collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. Impact Foundry’s Megan Fox sat down will Erin Stone to learn more about how FRCC is using collaboration to change the how nonprofits serve our community.

Impact Foundry: How does your organization practice innovation?

FRCC: Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC) was founded by a community member in 2016 as an innovative way to transform a former elementary school. FRCC brought together dozens of organizations to provide a wide-range of services to help the community thrive and help empower grassroots community organizations by offering affordable and accessible locations to deliver programs and services.

Today, FRCC continues to practice innovation by driving collaboration with its 23 nonprofit partners, business, government and the community to ensure that FRCC serves as a hub of community vitality, offering a safe place to learn and play, and provides comprehensive services to help the community thrive.

Two specific examples of innovative collaboration at FRCC underway today include: 1) implementation of a full-time, four week summer camp for high school and middle school youth; and 2) implementation of site-wide internet service.

FRCC and other partner organizations are coming together to create summer programming that is purposeful every step of the way — programming that is guided by trauma-informed practices and that focuses on supporting students’ social, emotional skills. The demand and need for summer programming is high, especially a full-time program that also includes meals. By working together organizations will be able to fulfill this need – something that would be a great challenge individual organizations.

FRCC organizations have come together to leverage resources and respond to the digital divide at FRCC, investing in a site-wide internet solution that will result in a free wi-fi network for the community, better access for organizations, and significant savings for organizations.

Impact Foundry: How does your organization practice collaboration? Who are your key collaborators?

FRCC: FRCC strives to be a hub for community vitality – a place where the community, nonprofit organizations, business and government can come together to play, learn and help the community thrive. FRCC organizations are collaborating to create more comprehensive programming as well as streamline administrative functions to deliver more value per donated dollar. FRCC is engaging business, government and foundations to support the site and its services. In the last six months several organizations including Five Star Restoration, Sutter Health, and the California Highway Patrol have donated time and supplies to help improve the FRCC site.


Impact Foundry: How does your nonprofit practice leadership for the nonprofit community

FRCC: FRCC is striving to create a model that can be replicated and other sites throughout the city, state and country. FRCC also wants to lead the nonprofit community in finding ways to engage the community and to continue to foster diversity, equity and inclusion. FRCC has been successful in empowering diverse, grassroots nonprofit organizations with more than 70% of FRCC organizations led by people of color, vs. only 25% statewide.

Impact Foundry: What strategies, practices, and processes are key to your organization’s long term sustainability?
FRCC: Continuing to build out a collaborative model that engages the community, nonprofit organizations, business and government to leverage resources, and provide comprehensive services is key to FRCC’s long-term sustainability. FRCC is striving to create collaboration that provides structure and stability while at the same time provides flexibility to respond to the needs of the community and foster innovation.

Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits Survey: Participant Deadline Extended through Friday, March 1

You Now Have More Time to Participate in the Survey That Serves All Kinds of Nonprofits in All 48 Northern California Counties

Because many of you have requested more time, Oakland-based Nonprofit Compensation Associates (NCA) has extended the deadline to participate in the Northern California Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Survey to Friday, March 1.

Extended Participation deadline: March 1, 2019

Report publication: April 12, 2019

The survey covers a vast geographic area, 48 Northern California counties, from Del Norte County in the far northwest to Inyo County in the far southeast.

And NCA makes special efforts to serve both larger and smaller nonprofit organizations, as well as those from both urban/suburban and rural counties.

To see how they do it, visit

If you don’t already have a copy of the 2018 survey report, you can take advantage of NCA’s annual 2-for-1 offer.  You can purchase the 2018 report at 50% off, if at the same time you prepay for the 2019 survey at the discounted participant rate.

To participate in the 2019 survey (and acquire the 2018 survey report, if you don’t already have it), visit or email the NCA folks at [email protected].