Past Grant Opportunities

Islamic Relief USA: Community Grants

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Humanitarian Efforts in the U.S. Funded

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid in the United States and around the world in a dignified manner—regardless of race, gender, or religion—and to empowering people and giving them a voice in the world. IRUSA provides Community Grants to nonprofit organizations in the United States that provide access to quality healthcare, promote sustainable socio-economic development, and elevate the standard of living of those in need. Projects focused on the following areas will be given priority: refugee resettlement, food security and livelihood, disaster response and preparedness, and health services and promotion. The upcoming application deadline is December 31, 2018. Visit the IRUSA website to learn more about the Community Grants Program.

Posted 10/25/18

Kaiser Permanente Grants and Investments

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Organizations Addressing Health Needs in Company Communities Supported

Kaiser Permanente provides support to nonprofit organizations that focus on community health in the locations the provider serves, including communities in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The funding priorities include the following: Community Health Initiatives, Safety Net Partnerships, and Subsidized Care and Coverage. It is particularly important for applying organizations to note how they will address social determinants of health and the elimination of health disparities and inequities. Applications may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the Kaiser Permanente website to complete the eligibility questionnaire and submit an online application.

Posted 10/18/18

The Milbank Foundation

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Grants Promote Programs Empowering People with Disabilities

The primary mission of the Milbank Foundation is to integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of American life. The Foundation’s current priorities include the following: consumer-focused, community-based initiatives that empower people with disabilities and foster independence and self-sufficiency; the rehabilitation and re-integration of veterans, especially veterans with disabilities; helping seniors to age in the place of their choice through non-institutional, community-based health and social services; and market-oriented, patient-centered healthcare reforms across the country. Nonprofit organizations may submit letters of inquiry throughout the year. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the grant guidelines and application procedures.

Posted 10/18/18

Simply Organic Giving Fund

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The Simply Organic Giving Fund strives to nourish the millions of food insecure by providing them access to healthy, organic food.  Providing nourishment and nutrition education for the food insecure, with a focus on organics, is central to the goal of the Simply Organic Giving Fund.

Successful grant applications should meet one or more of the following program priorities:

  • Promote access to organic food options
  • Utilize and distribute organic food/meal
  • Provide nutrition counseling and food preparation education

Visit the website for application information.

Posted 9/26/18

Buck Education Grant Program of the Yolo Community Foundation

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The Yolo Community Foundation (YCF) is pleased to announce its second round of funding for its Buck Education Grant Program. The program aims to support new or existing education efforts in Yolo County that can scale over the course of a two to three year period.
In its inaugural year, the Yolo Community Foundation provided grants to the Center for Land-Based Learning, the Davis Arts Center, the MK Level Playing Field Institute, Tuleyome, the Yolo Basin Foundation and YoloArts. Two grants were awarded to programs in the School of Education at UC Davis.
Grant requests of any amount up to $10,000 will be considered for the following:
– Increasing literacy and supporting reading at grade-level
– STEM-related education
– Arts education
– Early childhood education
– Encouraging parent engagement
Proposals are due October 31, 2018 by 5 p.m.  Information and instructions for applying can be found here.

Posted 9/26/18

Annie’s Grants for Gardens

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Supplies for K-12 School Gardens Funded

Annie’s Grants for Gardens are provided to K-12 school gardens nationwide to help children start thinking more holistically about their food, their communities, and the planet. Grants may be used to purchase any supplies for an edible garden, such as plants, seeds, raised beds, fencing, wheelbarrows, greenhouses, and drip irrigation systems. Public, charter, and private schools, as well as school districts and nonprofit organizations supporting a school garden, are eligible to apply. Online applications must be submitted by November 1, 2018. Visit the company’s website to review the grant guidelines.

Posted 9/20/18

Alkermes Inspiration Grants

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Support for Initiatives Addressing Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The ALKERMES INSPIRATION GRANTS program supports nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that address the comprehensive needs of people affected by mental health and substance use disorders. Grants are provided for the development or expansion of innovative programs in two key areas: 1) improving or enhancing support or resources for people affected by mental illness or substance use disorders, and 2) integrating the perspective of people affected by mental illness or substance use disorders into drug development or care delivery. Local, regional, and national programs will all be considered. Eligible applicants include large advocacy organizations and academic institutions as well as small grassroots organizations trying to make a difference. Grants typically range from $12,000 to $200,000. The application deadline is October 2, 2018. Visit the company’s website to download the submission instructions and FAQ.

Posted 9/13/18

RedRover Domestic Violence Safe Housing Grants

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Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters Funded

RedRover Domestic Violence Safe Housing Grants enable domestic violence shelters to create spaces to co-shelter survivors and their pets. Grants of up to $20,000 are offered throughout the United States in the On-site, Off-site, and Startup categories. Shelters in Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and West Virginia are especially encouraged to apply since there are currently no pet-friendly domestic violence shelters in these states. For quick answers to the most commonly asked questions visit the Safe Housing FAQ page. The final 2018 application deadline in all three categories is October 15. Visit the RedRover website to review the funding guidelines.

Posted 8/23/18

Herb Block Foundation: Defending Basic Freedoms

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Grants Promote Social Justice and Government Accountability

The Herb Block Foundation is committed to defending the basic freedoms guaranteed all Americans, combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged. The Foundation’s Defending Basic Freedoms grant program provides support to nonprofit organizations nationwide that seek to safeguard the basic freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to assist government agencies to be more accountable to the public. The Foundation also considers support for contemporary societal issues that may arise. Grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. Letters of inquiry must be submitted by October 4, 2018; invited full proposals will be due December 13, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the application guidelines.

Posted 8/23/2018


Borealis Philanthropy: Immigration Litigation Fund

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Efforts to Address Punitive Immigration Policies Supported

The goal of the Immigration Litigation Fund, administered by Borealis Philanthropy, is to ensure that the nation’s immigration enforcement system is fair, humane, and prioritizes the civil and human rights of those vulnerable to deportation. The Fund supports impact litigation efforts that challenge discriminatory, unlawful, and overly punitive immigration enforcement policies and practices at any stage of the enforcement trajectory from identification and apprehension, to detention and removal, as well as efforts to exclude certain immigrants from entering the country. Project support is provided for impact litigation costs and strategic convenings meant to advance coordination on an issue related to enforcement and impact litigation efforts. Public interest legal groups, advocates, and community-based organizations are eligible to apply. The Fund will be accepting applications through December 1, 2018. Visit the Borealis Philanthropy website to learn more about the Immigration Litigation Fund.

Posted 8/2/18