Causes Count: The Economic Power of California’s Nonprofit Sector

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Nonprofits are invited to participate in updating the groundbreaking 2014 Causes Count report on the economic and social impact of California’s nonprofit sector. That study revealed a few surprising things including, for example, that nonprofits employ one in 15 California residents. CalNonprofits and The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego are again collaborating to update the report and dive deeper into areas like government funding.

Can we count on you to complete the 10-15 minute survey? It is designed to be completed by someone who understands your organization’s overall operations – if that’s not you, please forward this email to that person. Click here to get started. Responses are due by Friday December 21st.

If you have to pause the survey midway, please keep it open on your browser because if you close it, your responses will not be saved.

Your responses will help inform policymakers, philanthropic leadership, and the public about what we do and why it’s important. Please share the survey link with nonprofit executives in other organizations – the more organizations that respond, the more useful the report will be for us all.

Your individual responses will be kept confidential; all data will be reported in aggregate and no individual names or organizational identities will be shared. We will combine your responses with data from IRS Forms 990, government funding data, Department of Labor data, economic metrics, and a survey of California residents to tell the story of California’s nonprofit sector.

Prizes! If you choose to share your contact information at the end of the survey, you will be entered to win one of 15 prizes:

Plus, we will send you an electronic version of the report when it is released to the public in Spring 2019.

If you have any questions about this survey or the study, please contact Dr. Mary Jo Schumann, Director of Research at [email protected] or 619­-260-­7649.

Thank you again for your work and for sharing your experiences. You can find the survey here.