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Consultant of the Week: OSMOSvote

By August 16, 2018 No Comments

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. We say it’s worth $1000

OSMOSvote is a Vote-by-Donation fundraising platform designed for smart phones and tablets that gamifies your ask. It was started through The Glue Factory, an incubator located in West Sacramento for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Pulling off a traditional fundraiser requires massive amounts of time, money, and resources.  OSMOSvote eliminates hard costs and radically reduces the logistics needed to pull off a major event.

“Holding a virtual event lets people participate in their own way and in their own time and place. Just pick a theme, have your participants upload a photo or video, and start asking for votes.”, says founder Doug Kor, “Many nonprofits choose to set up a competition between board members for a fundraising award. It can also be open to the public allowing you to spread your organization’s story and attract funds from beyond your geographical boundaries”

Signup is free. There are no hard costs. OSMOSvote collects a percentage of the gross. Votes cost $1 each with no limit on the number that can be purchased at once. Ballot box stuffing is encouraged.

OSMOSvote provides your organization with the names and emails of the participants and donors to help you grow your lists. The platform is all-digital and includes a live leaderboard to encourage competition.

If you can upload it and vote on it, we can turn it into a fundraiser.

Contact Doug directly:
Doug Kor, Founder

3950 Industrial Blvd. Ste 600
West Sacramento CA 95691, US
[email protected]