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Strategic Collaboration is about achieving greater impact. Collaborative members streamline program delivery and share resources. Results are better measured, learning is shared, and best practices emerge. Rather than duplicity, a strategic collaboration leads to efficiency and more comprehensive delivery of services.

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Impact Foundry specializes in meeting the unique needs of the organizations we serve. Our staff can help you find creative answers while staying true to your mission.

NEW! Cultural Intelligence Series:

Combining a team of subject matter experts, Impact Foundry has launched an initiative to address the adverse impacts of systemic racism and the overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage.

Through our series of trainings, workshops, and webinars, our team of experts will facilitate and guide crucial conversations with you, and your team which will help to strengthen your organization, and build capacity. You will learn to explore, discuss, and gain greater understanding of other cultures, and how to interact, in safe and compassionate spaces.

Topics will include, but are not be limited to: DEI, Cultural Responsiveness,Cultural Identity, Racism, Anti-Racism, Unconscious/Implicit Bias, and Allyship

Board Training: We offer a tailored session of the Essentials of Board Leadership in which the Board of Directors and senior staff can learn together. This 2-hour workshop is an excellent foundation to strategic planning, and opportunity to introduce best practices to your leadership team.

Strategic Planning: We help focus your Board and staff, and provide a framework for fulfilling your mission, ensuring your relevance, and building sustainability. Create a culture of accountability with measurable goals and action plans. Our staff can facilitate your strategic planning and bring best-practice insights to your process.

Hiring Committee Assistance: We provide best-practice support and perspective to your executive director hiring process by assisting the Board of Directors.

Fund Development: As part of a strategic planning effort or on its own, a fund development plan provides direction for staff and Board members. We can help you develop your fundraising and philanthropy strategies, and provide training to those focused on cultivating, asking, and stewarding donors.

Professional Facilitation: Having a community meeting, or discussion with collaborators, and need professional facilitation? We can support your meeting goals and allow you to fully participate in the discussion.

Organizational Assessment: Are you considering a strategic collaboration, adding a new program, or expanding staff? Do you struggle with what next step is best for building sustainability? We can support you with an organizational assessment and provide consulting on next steps.


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