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Impacting Individuals for the Empowerment of All

Impact Foundry has launched an initiative to address the adverse impacts of systemic racism and the overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage.

Through our series of trainings, workshops, and webinars, our team of experts will facilitate and guide crucial conversations with you, and your team which will help to strengthen your organization, and build capacity. You will learn to explore, discuss, and gain greater understanding of other cultures, and how to interact, in safe and compassionate spaces.

Topics will include, but are not be limited to: DEI, Cultural Responsiveness,Cultural Identity, Racism, Anti-Racism, Unconscious/Implicit Bias, and Allyship

CIU Series I – 2021


Tues, 5/25 @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 5/27 @ 2:00p -3:30p   

Intro to Cultural Intelligence  

Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ), is having the capacity to relate, and work effectively with different groups of people, and across cultures (including Big-C “Culture” and little-c “culture”). Cultural intelligence goes beyond cultural awareness and political correctness.  It articulates the core competencies, and skill sets necessary for true diversity and inclusion within your organization. It provides tools to help develop your leaders and team members, and give them a firm foundation in the understanding of CQ. This module will examine the various elements of cultural intelligence and how to operationalize it in an organization.


Tues, 6/22 @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 6/24 @ 2:00p-3:30p

Developing Language of CI – Building a Living Glossary

Understanding diversity, equity and inclusion in the post-2020 world requires a new language, and a new vocabulary, which is communicated through the lens of cultural intelligence. This language reflects a judgment-free perspective, which serves to bring different groups of people together through a common understanding, and appreciation of the lived experience of others. This module will educate the participants on the common language of DEI in order to create  common understanding, and common connections among divergent groups of people within an organization.


Tues,  7/27 @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 7/29 @ 2:00p-3:30p

Understanding Implicit Bias Through the Lense of CI

All human beings operate with varying degrees of implicit bias. Implicit bias are unintended preferences of people, which have the ability to adversely impact the effective operations of any organization. This module will explore the various types of implicit bias, micro-behaviors, and the proper ways to address, and resolve issues that arise from this mindset. 


Tues,  8/[email protected] 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 8/26 @ 2:00p-3:30p

How to Create Sustainable Change

High performing organizations are not only focusing on the diversity of its workforce, but also on how that workforce reflects a culture of equity and inclusion. Inclusion addresses how well the organization shares power, access, and resources within all elements of the workforce- particularly those elements which represent marginalized and/or underrepresented groups of the organization. This module will discuss effective ways in which organizations may become more inclusive.


Tues, 9/28 @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 9/30 @ 2:00p-3:30p

Managing Conflict Through the Lense of Equity

When organizations commence the DEI journey of transformation, there will be conflict, and communication “breakdowns”.  You will face barriers on the journey to creating an inclusive organization. This module supports people and organizations in managing expectations for success, and provides tools and resources for navigating conflict with individuals, and groups of people and organizations.


Tues, 10/26  @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 10/28 @  2:00p-3:30p

Mastering the Art of Crucial Conversations

It is essential to learn how to have hard conversations which address the current environment of racial justice, and equity. We will explore topics like what cultural intelligence is, Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, how to be an ally, and the best way to engage in these conversations. This module will share practical, and timely guidance on how to engage employees around the complex, and passionate issues related to systemic racism, the need for transparency and accountability in police practices, and the need for civil discourse.


Tues, 11/16   @ 10:00a-11:30a

Thur, 11/18 @ 2:00p-3:30p

It’s a Marathon – Not a Sprint – DEI Panel

This module will bring together a panel of subject matter experts to share practical experiences about the journey of organizational transformation. The panel members will share successes, setbacks, and other experiences they’ve encountered on the DEI journey. Participants will have an opportunity to connect with these experts to gain practical wisdom on the keys to implementing a successful DEI program.


Date TBD

Graduation – Culmination of Everything Learned – Assessment/Certificate

Additional Elements of the Program

  • Evaluation of Each Learning Module
  • Pre and Post Surveys for the Participants
  • DEI Reading List
  • Lunch and Learn Networking Opportunities for Senior & Mid Level Leadership

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