Discounted Cellular Services Available to NPOs

By March 19, 2020 No Comments

As we all try and adjust to the new norm, Sprint wants to make you aware of special emergency preparedness communications tools that are available to nonprofits and government agencies.

  • Free flip phones and $0/mo, 6 cents/minute pay as you go cell service.  No contract.
  • Add Sprint’s Direct Connect walkie-talkie service for nationwide phone to phone, group and broadcast communications – $5/mo per
  • 6 month mobile internet access plans for PCs and tablets – instantly enable internet access from anywhere
  • Instant Virtual Call Center – a business line and extensions for clients to call into whereby calls are routed to program employees who may be working from home

Contact Matt Kehoe via email or call to set up a time to talk. Sprint is here to help!
Matt Kehoe

Business Manager

Non-Profit, Healthcare, Fleet Group

916.997.8330  [email protected]