Donor Stewardship

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The article Donor Relations and Stewardship Defined, from the Association of Donor Relations Professionals, outlines the four elements of donor relations: gift acceptance and management, acknowledgement, donor recognition, and reporting.

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These and more useful articles on taking care of your donors can be found at

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Here are five articles and sites to help your thank you efforts resonate well with donors, compiled at www,

  • In “The Art of Recognizing and Thanking Your Donors,” longtime fundraising consultant Terry Axelrod, author of The Joy of Fundraising (Benevon Publications, 2006), emphasizes the thank-you power of sharing details and statistics, incorporating personal touches and, increasingly, moving from donor gifts to results-oriented stories.
  • “Smaller Charities Need Creativity and Care When Recognizing Donors,” a well-written 2003 article by Kimberlee Roth in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, discusses aligning your organization’s efforts to express gratitude with your donors’ particular values and wishes, including the desire of some not to be thanked publicly or effusively.