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Raising money from individuals

According to Giving USA statistics, donations from individuals, ordinary people like you and me, provide 85% of the private (non-government) funding that supports nonprofits. In this section you will find tools and techniques you can use to raise money from individuals.

Direct mail fundraising is simply soliciting funds through a mass mailing to potential donors.   Tools you can use.

Major gift programs raise more money at less cost than any other fundraising approach. There is no standard amount that’s considered a major gift. A major gift to your organization will be determined by the needs and giving patterns of your donors. For some that may be $25,000 and up, for others $1,000 is a major gift. Major gift solicitation depends on a committed team of volunteers. These volunteers can be board members who may also recruit a committee of supporters to help. Cultivating and keeping major donors can result in ongoing support for your organization. Take a look at this excellent article from Grassroots Fundraising on starting a major gifts program.

Online fundraising, asking for donations online,  is the fastest growing area of fundraising and is impacting direct mail fundraising.