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Fundraising Compliance Guide

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States oversee solicitation of their citizens. Before your nonprofit seeks donations, it must register in each state where it will be fundraising. Failing to do so can results in fines and other penalties.

44 states and the District of Columbia have charitable solicitation laws. Remember that solicitation occurs when you ask for a contribution (by any medium), regardless of whether or when you receive it.

Compliance with state charitable solicitation law requires:

  • initial registration/licensing (in 40 states + D.C.)
  • annual registration renewal
  • filing annual financial statements
  • including disclosures on donor materials (in 24 states)
  • appointing and maintaining a registered agent (in 4 states)
  • obtaining a certificate of authority (in 6 jurisdictions

The laws, documents, procedures, and costs to obtain the legal authority to fundraise are different in each state. See the information on each states’ requirements.

Click here for information on each state’s requirements.