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Governance Policies and Procedures Samples

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Developed by group of California based lawyers, the Form 990 Policy Series offers sample policies on a variety of topics including compensation, conflict of interest, investment and more. They include a discussion of why various provisions might be used by a particular type or size of organization.  Topics include compensation, conflict of interest, investment and more.

Conflict of Interest
Conservation Easements
Document Retention and Destruction
Form 990 Review
Independent Governing Body
Mission Statement
Public Disclosure

The Form 990 Policy Series Group intends to develop additional Memoranda dealing with Gift Acceptance; Joint Ventures; Endowments; Consistent Operation of Chapters/Affiliates/Branches; and Financial Statements/Audit Policy.  It is intended that, in addition to being made available on the web, the Form 990 Policy Series will be published as a book.  For more information visit the Public Counsel Law Center website.