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Grant Proposal Bootcamp

By January 16, 2018 No Comments

Are you hungry for knowledge and raring to go as a new or aspiring grant proposal writer?  Pull on your boots and join this learning intensive Boot Camp where experts will help you lay the foundation for your nonprofit grant proposal writing! With decades of experience, these presenters will get you ready and prepared for writing grant proposals.

In this two day session, you’ll learn three critical components to grant proposal development and implementation. 

Part One: Organizational Readiness
Is your organization ready to apply for grants and how do you stand out in the crowd?  Funders want to ensure their funds are invested with nonprofits that have the best chance to achieve what they are proposing – nonprofits with the organizational capacity and operational expertise to succeed. Most importantly, they look for organizations that demonstrate a thorough and thoughtful process in planning programs and the proposals to fund them. You will learn how to assess your organization’s readiness to pursue and receive grants, begin an action plan towards success, and chart out the key components of superior programs and proposals.

Part Two:  Organizing and Writing your Proposal
Master the basics of grant writing so you can produce winning grant proposals. You’ll learn what to include and how to avoid the most common errors, so you can hone your skills and produce comprehensive, compelling, and competitive proposals. Learn how to present your proposal in a clear, concise format that responds to funders’ requirements. At the end of the session, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to guarantee that your proposals get the attention they deserve.

Part Three:  Researching Funding Opportunities
Wondering how to find all those grant dollars you’ve heard about?  Discover the process for researching funders, introduce key reference works, and demonstrate online databases and other research tools. Learn who gives grants, the process for finding potential grant funders, how to identify if a funder is good match, and how to successfully approach a grant funder. Find potential grant funders with a proven commitment to nonprofit programs and projects like yours!