Intel Foundation

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COUNTIES SERVED: Sacramento and across California

FUNDING INTEREST: STEM Programs, Education, Underserved Youth


1900 Praire City Rd
Folsom 95630
Phone: (916) 356-8080


Intel no longer accepts unsolicited grant requests. We direct our grants to strategic programs, largely focused on education. Our giving primarily focuses on locations where we have a significant presence.  We often work in our site communities with strategic partners, before resources are needed. That means we planned and committed our funding by the start of the calendar year. We have limited ability to consider new requests.

The Intel Involved Matching Grant Program

This program aims to recognize and motivate Intel employees, globally, to engage in outreach and volunteerism to make our communities a better place to live, work, and play. Its objective is to support employees’ giving their time and talent to qualified non profits and non-governmental organizations, in addition to schools. We also wanted to recognize our employees who give generously of their time beyond school-related activities, and give them the opportunity to earn money for organizations that are meaningful to them.

After a minimum of 20 hours has been accrued by Intel employees volunteering at a school or qualified non profit organization, a donation or “match” of $10 per hour volunteered will be triggered from the Intel Foundation with a maximum of $15,000 for schools, and $10,000 for other non profits, per eligible organization per year.

Activities are eligible when employees’ gifts of time, labor, and expertise are given to the non profit organization without compensation for their time or efforts. Eligible activities must provide the majority of the benefit to members of the community beyond other Intel employees or their families.


For more information, contact Intel in Your Community directly.