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Nonprofit Overhead

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What is Overhead?

A Board Member’s Guide to Nonprofit Overhead guidance from Blue Avocado.

Northern California Grantmakers, San Diego Grantmakers and Southern California Grantmakers have created a statewide initiative – the Real Cost Project – to increase the impact of philanthropy across California. Created by funders for funders, the Real Cost Project will explore what it takes for funders to develop new grantmaking practices based on what it really costs to deliver outcomes.

Two-Legged Stool:  New Findings from California on Nonprofits and Overhead.   Research findings from a survey of 400+ California nonprofits and results of how various overhead messages tested with officials in five California counties. 2017

True Program Costs:Program Budget and Allocation Template  This guide and accompanying spreadsheet template break down the process of understanding true program costs, either through budgeting or financial reports, into several stages.

Do We Have a Nonprofit Overhead Movement? The Bridgespan Group |  Paul Carttar | June 2013