Offering comprehensive resources, from a professionally-staffed library, access to a grant funder database, from fundraising workshops to management networking, the Impact Foundry enables new and existing nonprofits to improve management, operations, fund development, marketing & public relations, board development and more.

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We offer a diverse lineup of nonprofit workshops. Our workshops are designed to give you the tools, skills, and connections you need to succeed.

Interested in starting a nonprofit? These resources are curated to help guide through the steps to starting out.

Impact Foundry has compiled a comprehensive list of resources that you can use to increase your mission’s impact. Browse the resources by their topic category.

Local Nonprofit Funding

Researching potential corporate funders can be a daunting task and this is why the  Impact Foundry has created this Sacramento Region Corporate Funder Database.

View deals from businesses, free office supplies and more.

Impact Foundry is dedicated to bringing resources and training every nonprofit, near and far. Our online resources give you the access and convenience you need to gain skills while running your organization.

Connect with organizations who specialize in recruiting volunteers.

Looking for a consultant? The Consultant Directory has over 70 vetted consultants.

Impact Foundry’s Resource Center, located in Midtown Sacramento, is our region’s hub for nonprofit trainings, connections and resources.

Impact offers a variety of resources to aid in finding funding.

Use the Membership Directory to find organizations and to learn about our nonprofit sector.

The Impact Foundry Nonprofit Library has over 1,000 volumes on Nonprofit best practices.

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Impact Foundry’s Newsletter serves as a timely notice of events in the nonprofit community. You can view the most recent publications and subscribe to the newsletter.

Policy Map enables nonprofits to successfully research the needs of the community.