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Will Robots (and bots) Replace Nonprofit Staff and Interns in the Workplace?

Beth’s Blog | Beth Kantor | March 20, 2018

The Age of Automation has arrived. It is an array of technology that includes: robots, chat bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, conversational interfaces, smart devices, drones, self-driving cars and others which are increasingly becoming the interface between organizations and humans.  These technologies have been in development for decades starting with a group of academics who got together to build artificial intelligence, a machine that would mimic the intelligence of a human. These technologies are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives and will continue to have significant impact on our work and lives.

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Here’s How Socially Conscious Employees Are Driving a Paradigm Shift in Corporate Giving

Inside Philanthropy |

2016 and 2017 ushered in a seismic shift in corporate giving. A 2017 study of the charitable donations made by nearly 300 global companies and their people showed that human rights organizations and other progressive causes were receiving far more support than the traditional leading causes. For example, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is now the No. 6 recipient of corporate charitable giving in 2016, and No. 1 in early 2017—a massive move from 87th place in 2015. Similarly, Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center made giant leaps.

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Social Solutions and Impact Foundry

Social Solutions Global Partner’s With Impact Foundry To Help Organizations Run More Effectively And Achieve Greater Impact  

AUSTIN, Texas–Social Solutions Global, the leading provider of impact and performance management software for human services agencies and nonprofit organizations, announced today that it has partnered with Impact Foundry. Social Solutions will offer discounts on its software solutions to Impact Foundry’s more than 300 member organizations, and both organizations will share best practices on a range of services while working together to promote SSG products.

Based in Sacramento and with member organizations throughout much of California and the West Coast, Impact Foundry works with both new and existing nonprofits to improve operations in areas ranging from management and fund development to public relations and more. Its network of more than 300 non-profits includes human service charities, youth organizations, civil rights groups, environmental conservationists, and various other causes.

“Impact Foundry can’t wait to begin its new partnership with Social Solutions,” said Impact Foundry Executive Director Kim Tucker. “We think our combined expertise in data collection and client services will help both organizations maximize their potential going forward. That means real benefits for our member organizations and the communities they work with.”

The partnership will bring Social Solutions’ vast experience in software and data analytics to a group that plays a pivotal role in the Sacramento area’s philanthropic landscape. Impact Foundry will be able to leverage SSG services as they help organizations stay informed on new trends and potential grant resources, and build foundational structures like an effective board of directors.

“Social Solutions is excited to add Impact Foundry to our growing list of partners in the non-profit sector,” said Lauren Schmidt, Strategic Partnerships Manager for Social Solutions Global. “Our two teams are looking forward to getting to know each other and learning as much as we can in order to further our respective missions.”

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About Social Solutions Global

Social Solutions Global, the provider of Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) and Apricot Software™, is the leader in outcomes management software for human service agencies and organizations, making data useful at all levels, from frontline staff to executive leaders. Learn more at:

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[email protected] And United Way Are Teaming Up To Change Corporate Giving

Fast Company | Ben Paynter | February 27, 2018

In order to magnify their philanthropic impact, many corporate employees donate through company charity programs. Most of these are straightforward and transactional: There’s generally some web-based portal that allows you to specify the amount you want deducted from your paycheck, and a menu screen where you can pick a place to send it. The bonus is that companies often match these contributions, which can double your impact. Read more.

Are We Living in a Golden Age of Charitable Giving? Hardly

First the good news. Charitable gifts made this week on Giving Tuesday soared to a new high, an estimated $274 million raised online in just 24 hours. That’s an impressive outpouring of generosity that underscores the enduring power of small donors in an era when mega-givers tend to get most of the attention. Read more.

Giving Proof

The adage says it’s better to give than to receive. But is it really? The scientific evidence that generosity is good for us has been scant, even as the benefits of selfishness are obvious. Recently, however, a neurological study published in Nature Communications found there may be some biological truth to the maxim after all. The study showed that generosity changed the activity in people’s brains in ways that increase feelings of happiness, even if the generous act is small or only imagined.   Read more.