Sponsorships and Funding Opportunities 

Impact Foundry offers a variety of direct consulting services which are designed to increase the capacity of nonprofits to provide their vital services.

As our name suggests, we believe that it takes all four sectors – corporate, government, philanthropy and the nonprofits – to work in partnership to maximize the results of the nonprofit sector. Our mission is to provide nonprofits with the tools, education and expertise to increase their capacity, impact, accountability and sustainability. We need your help to fund our services that build the nonprofit community. That is how you can participate in a very focused and impactful way.

The opportunities below afford organizations and foundations such as yours a wide range of opportunities to help.

The following is a summary of opportunities:

Nonprofit Cohort Capacity-Building “Certified Sustainable” program

$60,000 to sponsor up to 20 organizations in a single cohort – just $3,000 per organization
Focused on six key domains:

  • Revenue Structure
  • Operational Framework
  • Nonprofit Brand
  • Engagement of Board & Partners
  • Measuring Impact & Accountability
  • Culture, Decision Making & Change Management 
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Core Resource Center Services

Located at 2030 W. El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95833
$40,000 per year sponsorship

  • Thousands of calls and hundreds of visitors each year
  • National Foundation Center Database License
  • Orientation and training of Foundation Center Database
  • Maintain our library of books, periodicals and web content
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Workshop and Training Scholarships

Impact Foundry provides over 50 workshop trainings and networking events per year, focused on a variety of topics such as:

  • Board Development
  • Nonprofit Financial Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Retainment
  • Human Resource Topics
  • Executive Director Networking
  • Nonprofit Tax Compliance
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The What IF Conference

Join 1,000 attendees, 25 sponsors and 35 vendors for a day of inspiration, learning and celebration
When: February 2021
Where: McClellan Conference Center

These workshops also represent many opportunities to provide scholarships for a specific nonprofit or group of nonprofits, to allow them the opportunity to take advantage of these offerings because of your belief in the work they do. For more information please contact us with the form below or call us:


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