Who Knows More Than YOU?

By April 13, 2020 No Comments

Who Knows More Than YOU?

By Dawn Moore, Moore Development Strategies

Does anyone really know what tomorrow will bring in “normal” times? As we begin another month sheltered in place, two things are certain, the reality of uncertainty and, in our lifetime, nobody has firsthand experience in navigating a global pandemic.

You have likely read many articles, participated in countless Zoom meetings, listened to endless webinars, and now find yourself in information overload. These well intended resources bring us together and provide guidance, however, many of us are still left wondering – what now?

As a nonprofit professional in California, you are 1 in 14 people who help sustain this vital community and
economic sector. So, I ask you… what do you know?

  • You know your organization’s mission, programs and constituents.
  • You know the faces of those who benefit from your organization’s efforts.
  • You know the amazing staff and supporters who make your work possible.
  • You know what project or activity continues to circulate on your “to-do” list, if only you had time.
  • You know connectiveness and relationships build and sustain community.
  • You know we are all going through the same storm, albeit in different boats. Some are barely
    floating in leaky rafts and others are riding out the waves in motorized vessels.
  • Most of all, you know nonprofit work is challenging in the best of times.

You also know… you continue to show up!

As you revisit what you already know, trust your instincts, believe in yourself and embrace the elephant in YOUR room.

  • Have all the webinars and “what you need to know” articles been helpful? Have you put any ideas
    into action? Or are you still looking for the “secret sauce?”
  • Where does your organization’s mission fall on the COVID-19 continuum – life-sustaining or nonlife sustaining? Are you communicating with your constituents what you already know?
  • Have you considered this as an opportunity to revisit your “to-do” list of those ever-elusive
    projects or activities?
  • Are you practicing patience with yourself when one moment you are feeling productive and the
    next unproductive, scared, or uncertain? Are you spending time on the path of least resistance?
    Or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?
  • Have you considered when this storm passes, and it will, how the nonprofit sector and specifically
    your organization will have reminded our country of its critical value in providing vital services and
    community benefits – many of which we have taken for granted?

Keep showing up… you got this!


As a donor, volunteer and fund development professional, Dawn Moore has 25 years experience in serving clients’ organizational and fund development needs. She is a member of the Nonprofit Consultants Network.

The Nonprofit Consultants Network is a collaboration of consultants who serve nonprofit organizations in the Sacramento region by convening, engaging, and inspiring them in professional development and growth. You can access a directory of local consultants who are ready to support organizations during the COVID-19 crisis here.